Wedding Dance

Magic Moments are treasured for a lifetime. Your wedding date is fast approaching, suddenly the fear of the first dance crosses your mind. Don’t fear we have you covered.

What should you do?

  1. Consider how much time do you have left before the big day?
  2. Do either of you have previous Dance Experience?
  3. Which package suits your time and budget?

At NAPA our Choreographers will work with you in one-on-one classes in which they can specially choreograph a routine to your dance.

For our group classes, you can choose between getting a group of your friends together and set a time during the week when everyone is available as well as the dance floor.

Don’t forget, you also have a dance with your father or mother to do on the day. Book one or two lessons just to feel comfortable on the dance floor and work out the transitions between your first dance and the dance with your father and/or mother.

We can also assist with any Wedding Entertainment requirements.

From a fun dance routine or lesson for your guests to enjoy while you are busy with your photos to even flash mobbing your guests.

We offer various packages:

Select one that will work for you or speak to your assigned Choreographer to customize one for you and your partner