National Academy of Performing Arts SA

Established in 2017, our aim is to create an opportunity for growth and development of natural and undiscovered talent by creating a platform for self-expression, creativity, confidence building and etiquette in young children and teens.

Through the use of fun drama activities students experience bold, outspoken dramatic development and develop quieter students lacking confidence to reach deep into themselves and discover their full potential.

NAPA is renowned for various levels of training from beginner to professional Drama, Acting and Self-development classes for children between the ages of 3 and 21 years.

NAPA classes are hosted once a week at our Private Studio, or at Schools as part of the school curriculum or as an extramural activity .

NAPA was founded by Sylvia Dash, a qualified Drama Adjudicator and Trainer.

NAPA has an independently formulated syllabus created by combining various programs and industry best practice.

NAPA is affliated with IMEB The International Music Examinations Board who are a globally recognised and accredited board registered through AMPA (Australian Music & Performing Arts Academy).

NAPA students enrol and partake in various Eisteddfods both inhouse and externally and students partake in the IMEB Exams annually.

IMEB International Qualifications offered grades:

  •  Nursery Pre-School Grade 1 – 3 ;
  •  Grade Initial – Grade 8 ; &
  •  Associate and Licentiate Skill Level.

Courses Offered

Drama / Acting

  • World Theatre & Drama
  • Speech & Drama
  • Speech & Drama Performance
  • Public Performance (All Categories)
  • Public Speaking
  • Eisteddfod Preparation


  • Casting Course
  • Audition Preparation
  • Personal Branding workshops

Performing Arts

  • Performing Tots
    Ages 3-5 Combines Drama and Dance through various techniques. Allows for Character Development and for confidence


  • Legendary Tots
    Ages 3-5 Our Legendary Tots program empowers tots and their natural self through creative drama and play, builds confidence, communication and interactive skills though drama techniques, for example: dress-up, storytelling, improvisation, play, mime and character development


  • Legendary Tweens
    Ages 6-10 This program provides young children ages 6 to 10 with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, build confidence and develop social interaction skills.Students are inspired to become articulate communicators through enthusiastic participation in a wide range of creative activities including speech, creative movement, improvisation, mime, Eisteddfods, Exams and our year-end performance.


  • Legendary Teens
    Ages 11-13 Students in participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, vocal exercises, improvisation, monologues, plays.At the end of each year they utilise all the skills acquired during the year to create a short, scripted production, which is performed, for parents and friends.Our classes aim to build young confident and passionate students with confidence, self-esteem and verbal communication skills.


  • Legendary Seniors
    Ages 14 & Up Students are encouraged to discover their raw or hidden talents and to develop them through the program that covers The history of Drama, Difference between Theatre and Film. Theatre work, improvisation, voice production, small group improvisation, scripting, character analysis, open-ended duologues, theatre games, monologues to list a few.


  • Adult Classes
    19 & Up Adult classes focus on the 5 Ps: Personal Branding, Portfolio Building, Presentation, Public Speaking and Performance. Effective communication leads to achieving success in all areas of life. 


Accredited by National Arts Association

Accredited by IMEB :  IMEB SA School Number 190015