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About Us

A Unique Urban Style Industrial Studio feel with a relaxed yet goal driven vibe to inspire and encourage not only Competitive Performers but those who are looking to build confidence and have fun

Offers an opportunity for growth and development of natural and undiscovered Performing Arts talent by creating a platform for expression, creativity and performance. Lessons are taught by experienced, qualified professionals

The NAPA Vision is to provide a safe yet vibey atmosphere, a professional yet relaxed environment, for anyone and everyone who loves Performing Arts

Styles We Offer

  • Fitness
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Freestyle
  • Slow Dance
  • Ballet
  • Rock and Roll
  • Hustle
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet Bootcamp
  • Dance Squad
  • Latin American
  • Ballroom

Our Teachers

Carina Fernandes ... Freestyle and Latin American

It all started at the age of three with my Tap Shoes at the Beverley Whitehead Dancing Studio in the Hill... I trained in Tap, Modern and Ballet from the age of 3 years old until the age of 10... I then decided to try something new and that's where my journey started in the FRESSTYLE WORLD at the Riviere Academy of Dance... I trained in Exam work which falls under the SADTA association as well as competing in regular monthly competitions. I started teaching at the age of 16 years old and it was only forward from there...

Myself and my sister Nakita competed as a couple and we became Gauteng and SOUTH African Champions, we defended those Titles 3 years in a row and whilst taking my Masters in Chiropractic I decided to turn professional and take my Teachers in Freestyle, Slowdance, Rock and Roll and Hustle... I qualified all the way up to where im currently qualified as a Licentiate Trainer which allows me to put all my students through exams and allows me to Adjudicate all Championship level Competitions ...

I've adjudicated many prestige events of an amazing calibre including Battle of the Giants at Sun City Superbowl as well as the Gauteng and South African Championships... This year June of 2015 I was invited to adjudicate in the World Freestyle Championships held in Blackpool, UK and when I returned I was blessed to be able to open this amazing Studio which has been a dream of mine since a little girl...

I now run two practices as a Chiropractor and a vibey studio as a Dance Trainer. Not many people can say they love their jobs but I am blessed to say I Have a passion for both my Chiropractic and Dancing, AND I cant wait to share that with all of you...

Berlinda Teixeira ... Ballet

I am RAD Ballet trained since the age of 4. I have been a qualified ballet teacher for over 15 years. In my teen years I performed in the Johannesburg Youth Ballet until I matriculated. To give a summary of who I am, I would have to explain the way I feel about Ballet. "Ballet is an extension of my soul, it flows though my fingertips and beyond. Ballet and music are combined and you communicate through it. "Ballet is like dreaming on your feet" I teach students to love and accept their bodies... I teach students to love and honour themselves.

Thami Ncube... Hip Hop

Thami Ncube is a Hip hop entertainer, performer and dance teacher for the past 10 years. At age 25 he has performed in various parts of South Africa, featured in National magazines such as Hype Magazines, a semi finalist in Nation Hip Hop wide Competitions; such as Masters of Rhythm and Dance to Las Vegas, which host thousands of attendee's annually. He has choreographed for artists such as Prokid and Pitch Black Afro to name a few.

Thami's passions however, lie in teaching students his unique dance style and in building individual characters in his students through their talents. Confidence and self-understanding is what he aims to instil in his students through his Vibey Hip Hop dance classes

Tamarin Lopes... Pilates

Since attending dance lessons from an early age and dancing professionally, I was always interested in fitness and how the human body works. I studied Exercise Science through the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy and Qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2013. I then started Fierce Physiques and shortly afterwards fell pregnant. After having my first child I realised how difficult it was to gain core and pelvic strength again after giving birth which led me to Qualify as a Pilates Instructor in 2016 through Trifocus Fitness Academy. Training ladies and educating ladies on how to correctly nourish and strengthen their bodies is what I love to do!

Zola Ndebele... Contemporary

Ms Zola Ndebele has been professionally trained in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, African Contemporary and Hip Hop.
“I believe Dancing is the Body’s way of expressing the soul and that expression is the key to happiness – That’s why I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

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